Aquarium in Xiamen

As a place that integrates tourism, science and education, the Aquarium is an important channel for everyone to understand the ocean. Yesterday, residents of Xiamen Xiang’an Aotou Community received a special New Year gift, facing the sea and the sea of ​​light–the first Xiang’an Marine Environmental Protection and Marine Economic Development Research Forum and the opening ceremony of Xiamen Weihai Aquarium The Aotou Super Art Museum was held in the Science Hall. This also means that a marine pavilion displaying local aquatic ecosystems is officially unveiled and welcomes the first wave of guests.

Underwater scenery at the Aquarium

“This is an aquarium built according to the underwater ecology of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. The fish and stones in the pavilion are also airlifted.” Shao Li, director of the Xiamen Vail Aquarium, introduced the Xiamen Ocean Aquarium, which is a collection of freshwater ecological displays. A new comprehensive aquarium with integrated functions of marine science knowledge and marine high-tech industry exchanges.

It is reported that the aquarium can not only enjoy underwater scenery such as the Amazon River in South America, coral reefs in the Xisha Islands, tropical mangroves, etc., but also the familiar Xiamen freshwater ecological environment, seawater ecological environment and unique native aquatic life in Xiamen.

“Wow! Isn’t this the original stream and seabed ecology that I often see when I was a child?” Mr. Jiang said excitedly that the Aquarium opened at the doorstep and he planned to bring the children together on weekends. What makes Mr. Jiang happy is that Xiamen Weihai Aquarium will be open to the public as a public welfare aquarium.

On the same day, hundreds of rare rare shellfish were introduced into the aquarium. In addition, the magnificent history of marine life evolution and marine fossils will also be presented to the audience for hundreds of millions of years.

Experts say marine ecological protection

Aotou Town is located in Xindian Town, Xiang’an District, Xiamen. It faces the seas of Xiamen and Kinmen across the sea and is committed to building a bay town with auspicious features. The holding of the Xiang’an Marine Environmental Protection and Marine Economic Development Seminar is an important measure to enhance the image of the Aowan Bay Sea Town.

After visiting the Aquarium, the multi-function hall of the Chaoyu Art Museum also held a discussion forum on marine environmental protection and marine economic development, and invited 13 well-known domestic oceans including the professor of the School of Environment and Ecology of Xiamen University and the doctoral tutor Zheng Weiyun. Experts, start an academic discussion. Among them, Wang Hansheng, a researcher from the Fujian Provincial Fisheries Research Institute, and Lin Rongcheng, a researcher at the Third Institute of Ocean Resources of the Ministry of Natural Resources, also gave lectures on marine environmental protection and marine economic development. The entire forum deepened the image of the Aowan Bay sea town. It also enhances the deep marine culture of Australia.

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